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Yes, but please note that preference will be given to applicants who meet the minimum NSC criteria for entry into the programme.   Additionally, consideration will be given to students who had attended non-fee paying schools as well as those applicants who are enrolled at Nelson Mandela University in the Faculties of Health Sciences, and relevant (eg. Human Biological) Science qualification. Applicants will be evaluated on their university academic record.

The applicant must obtain a minimum academic average mark of at least 65% for the previous completed year(s) of the current degree for which they are registered.

If an applicant is in an extended programme they can only apply after the completion of their second academic year of the programme. (Usually after their third chronological year at University).

A candidate must have registered for the full course load for the specific degree.

Applicants still undergoing their undergraduate studies will first be evaluated on their university academic record. First-year applicant's academic performance (who have not yet obtained any academic results) will initially be evaluated on their NBT and NSC results as per school leavers.

The above requirements are the minimum requirements does not guarantee you entry into the programme.